Client ········· Columbia Theological Seminary
Lead Design ........ Heather Hale
Design ········· Alyssa Upp
Developer ······ Jason Cyr

Agency······ Metaleap Creative

Columbia Theological Seminary

The admissions office initially came to us wanting a fresh campaign that would send a bold message of inclusion and belonging to individuals who were otherwise not welcome to serve as leaders in the church.

After working together to achieve the right message, imagery and overall look and feel, we began building out a microsite for the campaign.

CTS already has a pretty robust website with a more academic/administrative design and function. The challenge was to create an experience for users that would not cause disruption or confusion when navigating back and forth between the two sites. We achieved this by using their current logo, but shifting it to black, making it an extension of the main brand. We also made sure that there were multiple ways to get navigate back to the main site,  while keeping in mind the natural behaviors and expectations users have when navigating back to “home”.

2021 — Atlanta, Georgia