Client ········· Dwell Bible App
Design ········· Heather Hale
Creative Director ······ José Reyes
Agency ······· Metaleap Creative

Dwell Bible App

Dwell exists to help people be formed into the likeness of Christ by making ancient practices accessible to the modern world, rooting technology in Tradition.

When Dwell came to us, the app had a generic tech look + feel. We were tasked with taking the brand from DIGITAL to TACTILE, ORDINARY to SOULFUL, GENERIC to UNIQUE. 

Dwell 1.0 mimicked a music app. All content was experienced in the same player and connected to a unique piece of art in a square format. This quickly led to a VERY cluttered and confused experience. The desire was for the app to be a place of calm. Less like a music app and more like a meditation app.

We knew early on that one of the biggest problems to tackle was imagery. We worked together to create a hierarchical system that would allow art to be used as a guide and less like a collection of record album covers. The use of typography, color gradients and simple collage were a few ways we were able to visually streamline the experience for Dwell users.

2021 — Atlanta, Georgia