Client ········ The Stony Brook School
Senior Art Director ········ Heather Hale
Brand Designer ...... Heather Hale
Creative Director ······ José Reyes
Publication Designer ...... Koko Toyama

Agency ······ Metaleap Creative

The Stony Brook Centennial

Stony Brook’s brand characteristics are: personal, creative, real, down to earth, gritty, bespoke, unique.

The Stony Brook experience is:
home, experimental, innovative, dedicated, intimate, personal, scrappy, resourceful, creative, hardworking, full of love for students and is mission driven.

The Centennial is a time to celebrate the school’s perseverance, resoluteness and roots.

Classic/Future is the design ethos we created to frame and vet our design decisions.

Simply put, it is a blend of classic design systems alongside modern ones—avoiding cultural fads and trends— infusing everything we design, photograph, film and code with a timeless aesthetic.

2021 — Atlanta, Georgia