Client ·········Sola Media
Design Lead ········· Heather Hale
Design ········· Elizabeth Hildreth
Creative Director ······ José Reyes
Agency ······· Metaleap Creative

Sola Media

White Horse Inn is a podcast and journal that sits within the Sola Media brand. After leading the charge on a rebrand for Sola Media, we were tasked with applying the new branding and type styles to the company’s web presence that spanned across 5 unique sites.

In our initial audit of White Horse Inn’s site, we saw a lot of room for improvement. We wanted to organize information in a sophisticated and structured way, that kept its order with varying title and description lengths. It was also important that upon landing, it was obvious to the user that this was a podcast. We used typography to “play up” the episode number in a compelling way and brought focus to the player with a clear “SUBSCRIBE” CTA above the fold.

2021 — Atlanta, Georgia